Once in a While

Hello folks.
The following post is based on a comment I wrote during a Hangout On Air a few weeks ago.
Mostly, I'm reposting it here for my own selfish note-keeping purposes.
So, if you gain something from it, awesome.
If not, no big deal.

Ya know?
Artist: Beth Cavener
Piece: I am no one.

Sometimes I have a tendency to,
Share my heart on my sleeve,
Maybe a little too much in both cyber & meatspace.

Unfortunately, I think it backfires on me sometimes.

Seems that sometimes I may come across
As a little intense and off putting,
Because my vulnerabilities are seen by some,
As a sign of weakness,
Or lacking confidence,
Or being needy,
Or maybe just a total nut case.

Then I get the impression that
People want to run the other way,
As if they've accidentally opened a pretty box,
Only to discover a diseased and dying creature.
Fearing the worst.

But once in a while,
Someone opens the box,
And discovers their own reflection.
That my cuts & bruises are their own.
They realize that those,
And gnarly,
Branches that we share,
Are what makes the forests and mountains,
Mighty and beautiful.
And together we provide shelter and sustenance
To the delicate flowers deep within.

On the other hand,
It's possible that I'm completely insane
And no one really sees themselves in Me at all.

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